Webojis.com is gone ;(

Dear users,

Apple Inc© threatened us with filing a complaint on the 21th of August 2019 for illegal use of intellectual property. To avoid any confusion between our approch and Apple©'s one, we were prompted (amicably by Apple©'s lawyers) to remove key assets of our webapplication. We are sorry, but we have to close this website to comply with their claims.

Apple Inc© puts huge efforts (large team, huge amount of money, expensive marketing videos...) in building Animoji© software. We proved against the odds it is possible to bring this feature (so fun btw!) for the masses: Android users or people using desktop computers with Windows or Linux. We only rely on inclusive technologies: web and standard cameras!

Thank you for supporting us, providing feedbacks and getting fun with this web application. We got a lot of fun viewing all these amazing animated emoticons you created and we improved our technology thanks to your feedbacks. We proved it is possible to create animated emoticon in the web browser without any native application or specific hardware except a standard camera.

We are not looking for a useless and time consuming fight. The webapp was only a demonstration of what is doable with our technology. Our JavaScript library used for avatars will still be free and available on our GitHub, and is still improved and maintained. We are moving forward and plan to come back addressing even more cutting edge use cases, especially about 3D objects detection and tracking. So keep tuned through our Github, LinkedIn, Twitter or Youtube channel, good news are coming in the next months!

This is a very first video of the platform as a memorial:

If you want to go on getting fun, creating and sharing animated emoticons, you can buy an IphoneX on Apple official website.

All the best,
The Jeeliz© team